Course Name: IRATA Level 2

Duration: 5 days training(minimum 4 days) and 1 day assessment

Course Objective

To become more perfect as a Rope Access Technician with a minimum of 12  months and 1000 hours of work experience in IRATA Level 1(verified by their IRATA logbook).


    • *To rig working ropes 

    *To be aware of safety requirements and quality assurance procedures relating to rope access. 

    *To undertake rescues (rescue from the ascent, rescue from an aid-climbing scenario, rescue past a small re-belay, rescue past a deviation, rescue from rope to rope, haul and lower from a platform, hanging haul and   cross haul);



    *IRATA Level 2 trainees receive certificate & card valid for three (3) years after completing the assessment with pass mark.